It’s Halloween, and we didn’t think our day could get any better. That is, until we found out that Tegan And Sara will be headed to the Archie universe, and now we’re really excited.

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The duo spoke to MTV about how stoked they are for the opportunity to join the comic world, helping Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie “navigate their first major crisis.”

"Growing up we loved Archie comics," Tegan Quin told the music news source. "We would read them in line at the grocery store and beg for them when we would go on vacation to Vancouver Island in western Canada every summer. I vividly remember passing back and forth copies of the latest Archie comics in the minivan as we made the 11-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains. We feel truly thrilled to be included—even in print form—in some small way with the comic."

Tegan And Sara will be featured in the fifth issue, set to hit shelves in February. Based on the image Archie Comics shared, we're sure it's going to be incredible.


Just announced: THE ARCHIES will be meeting Tegan and Sara in February's issue of the ongoing comic book series!

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"Of the bands we've featured thus far, I've been a fan of Tegan and Sara the longest, and their team up with The Archies will make for some exciting comics," artist Joe Eisma said. "I'm looking forward to drawing this super talented and stylish band!"

And we couldn’t agree more—it's going to be exciting. Will you be picking up their comic? Let us know in the comments below!