[Photo credit: Pamela Littky]

After it was revealed that YouTube's "Restriction Mode" was censoring LGBTQ content, including music videos from artists such as Troye Sivan, Halsey and Panic! At The Disco, Tegan and Sara criticized the site after discovering that some of their music videos also disappear while on the mode.

Check out what the duo had to say below!

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The overall purpose of "Restriction Mode" is to keep children from seeing content that YouTube deems offensive or inappropriate, however it appears that when the mode is on, YouTube also censors many videos that even mention the LGBTQ community, whether Q&As, educational videos or vlogs.

Twitter users trended #YoutubeIsOverParty to protest yesterday evening, which prompted this response from the website.

Many YouTubers immediately criticized the response, including Hank Green and Jenna Marbles.

 Tegan and Sara also criticized the website after discovering that some of their videos were censored, even some that featured no "sensitive" content. Check out their tweets below.

YouTube have not made any additional comments since their original statement last night.