Monday in Cleveland, Fall Out Boy beat out a tough list of nominees—including A Day To Remember, Paramore and Bring Me The Horizon—for Artist Of The Year at the inaugural AP Music Awards. During their acceptance speech for the award, the band, who have a long history with AP, kept things mostly comical.

Photo credit: @photosbychrismartin

Bassist Pete Wentz said, “First off, we should probably thank Mike Shea and Alternative Press for putting us on the cover of our first magazine—and we definitely had no business being on the cover of any magazine. And that’s awesome. I think, more importantly, thank you to Alternative Press for helping to create this community and nurture this community and all the up-and-coming artists that are coming out. And thanks to Mark Hoppus for being my dad.”

After finding that the microphone was too high up for vocalist/guitarist Patrick stump, Wentz gave his bandmate a boost. Stump added, “We wanna thank the fans, because it’s amazing. There were so many good bands out there. Thank you so much.”

Watch the band’s full acceptance speech below, and let us know what you think. Right after accepting their award, FOB came back onstage for a blazing performance of “The Phoenix,” which you can also watch below.