It looks like David Ayer has a few more things to say about Jared Leto's Joker.

This week, Ayer revealed how a different cut of Suicide Squad may have changed fans' opinions on the controversial character.

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It's been four years since Suicide Squad made its debut. However, the controversy surrounding Jared Leto's Joker is still widely talked about. After Suicide Squad was recut post-filming, many of Leto’s scenes were removed from the movie. This led to speculation that film executives were not impressed by Leto’s performance. Despite the scrutiny, the actor stated that he would love to reprise the role.

Following this, a Joker spinoff film starring Leto was rumored to be in the works in 2018. However, the film never got off the ground. Soon after, Todd Phillips‘ dark adaptation of Joker’s story starring Joaquin Phoenix was released. This led to a number of reports stating that Leto felt “alienated and upset” about Phillips’ film and felt he had been strung along by Warner Brothers Studios in regards to his role as Joker.

Then, back in April, David Ayer revealed that the removal of Leto’s scenes had nothing to do with his performance. In fact, much of his “magnificent work” still remains unseen.

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Gotham City Suicide Squad

For years, there's been speculation that Ayer may release a new cut of Suicide Squad. In fact, back in July, Ayer revealed a glimpse of what the 2016 film could've looked like. The director shared a script of a deleted scene that had a very different ending for Joker.

Fortunately for Leto, he may just get the redemption he has been searching for after all these years. Leto is reportedly reprising his role as Joker in Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League.

For those that are still unaware, Snyder is releasing his own cut of Justice League on HBO Max in 2021. Back in 2016, he had nearly completed his work on the original film before stepping away due to a family tragedy.

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Warner Bros. then brought in Joss Whedon to finish the project. Whedon took what Snyder had, did reshoots and editing and ended up releasing a film that many found underwhelming. Following the film’s debut, fans began calling for the “Snyder Cut.” Then, the project was officially announced on May 20, 2020.

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is officially coming to HBO Max next year as a four part one-hour special. Just last month, rumors emerged that Leto is reprising his role as Joker for the series. Leto has reportedly signed on for various reshoots that are currently underway.

Although no specific details about the reshoots have been revealed, Snyder may have confirmed that this popular fan theory could play out in the new Justice League.

As for The Suicide Squad, the new film is still arriving next year. Earlier this month, Warner Bros. confirmed that all of its 2021 films are simultaneously getting released in theaters and on HBO Max. This is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has heavily impacted the film industry.

Do you think David Ayer should release a new cut of Suicide Squad? Do you think it would change your opinions on Jared Leto's Joker? Let us know in the comments below.