The 1975’s Matty Healy has recently taken to Instagram to post a weird teaser that appears to be related to the band’s Music For Cars era.

Healy’s post simply depicts their white neon sign, unlit. The photo on their Instagram is accompanied by the caption, “Music For Cars.”

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Music For Cars

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The post has since sent 1975 fans into a frenzy, attempting to speculate what it could mean.

So far, fans seem to think that the post in question may actually be the official artwork for Music For Cars. That said, fans seem to remember when Healy said that they would never see the final artwork.

Additionally, some speculate that when the band go to release their forthcoming fourth record, Notes On A Conditional Form, they will release Music For Cars using the “final” artwork in a box set.

Check out some fan theories below.

Matty tweeted the full ‘Music for Cars’ art he said we’d never see from r/the1975


While Music For Cars was originally thought to be a record all on its own, it actually represents an era. According to NME, the Music For Cars era includes A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships and their forthcoming fourth album Notes On A Conditional Form. Additionally, the era is called as such because Notes On A Conditional Form supposedly reflects the band’s first EPs.

What do you think Healy’s teaser means? Sound off in the comments below.

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