The 1975 join soulful Philippine artist No Rome on his smooth new jam "Narcissist," which premieres from Zane Lowe via Apple Beats 1. On the air, the musician recalls hooking up with the 1975 singer Matty Healy on the synergistic slow-burner.

"I made a demo and then I sent it over to Matty," he tells Lowe of the tune's early collaborative origins. "Because we were listening to the stuff that I've been working on recently, I sent him over that track and he also fell in love with it."

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No Rome says he and the 1975 are currently in Los Angeles finishing "both records," which would indicate the English rockers' work on the anticipated A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is happening alongside his upcoming LP.

And the '75 themselves just dropped their latest platter, the infidelity-themed "TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME." Listen to the sinuous new No Rome track, featuring the 1975, below, and check out No Rome's RIP Indo Hisashi EP, out now.

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