After delaying their upcoming album twice, the 1975 tweeted photos of the cover of Notes On A Conditional Form, on Monday and announced the new release date.

Last July, the band released the first single from the album titled “The 1975” featuring teen activist Greta Thunberg At that time of the track’s release, they announced that the album would drop Feb.21. Then, frontman Matt Healy announced another delay in an Instagram Live video, saying that the album was taking longer to make than they anticipated. He said that the release date would likely be April 24

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Now just after postponing their North American tour dates, the band has revealed a new release date of May 22 along with the simple, cream-colored artwork.

The cover features the band’s name, the album name, and the phrase “music for cars” on it. The right corner features initials of the album’s name.

The back of the album features a photo of the band along with the album’s tracklist, which includes 22 songs. The all-caps tweet announced that the 1975's album was available for pre-order here.
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Some Twitter users seem less than impressed by the album art reveal or the previously unannounced delay.

“Messiest album release roll out ever,” wrote one user.

Another Twitter user wrote they were “beyond excited” about the 1975's album and how much effort the band put into it. Another user wondered why the band didn’t put the “same amount of effort” into the cover. 


However, there were plenty of positive comments about the band’s upcoming release, many of them including the heart emoji or the raised hand emoji. 

Healy also posted about the album’s new release on his Instagram, sharing a photo of the back cover of the album. Many of the comments gush about the album’s extensive tracklist, which includes songs titled “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America,” “Shiny collarbone,” and “Having No Head.” 

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One Instagram user was less than impressed with the 22-track listing, writing “too many tracks,” on Healy’s post.

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