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‘The 27 Club’ horror film tackles music’s biggest conspiracy theory

In a new film from Cleopatra Entertainment, director Patrick Fogarty has delved into the realm of one of the most famous conspiracy theories in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, the 27 Club.

The mystifying conspiracy suggests that many musicians unfortunately pass away at the young age of 27. Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix are just a few of the many popular musicians who have found a spot on this list.

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The film, which takes its name from the mystifying theory, stars Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominee Todd Rudgren. Additionally, according to MovieWeb, the film will star Maddisyn Carter, John Hennigan, Eugene Henderson, Zach Paul Brown, and Gogo Lomo-David.

“A lot of friends and family have suggested that I would make good movie villain,” Rundgren says of his role. “I thought, ‘OK, as long as I’m a handsome villain like Dracula or something.’ Turns out my debut is not quite that. Still, you have to start somewhere and a slobbering ghoul, though not handsome, certainly should satisfy anyone interested in my villainous side.”

Recently, the film just released its first trailer, and by the looks of it, the film will bridge concepts regarding the well-known conspiracy and tropes present in supernatural horror.

According to IMDb, the film’s synopsis is as follows:

“A singer-songwriter chasing fame and a journalism student researching his thesis are drawn into a sinister underworld as each attempts to discover the truth behind the curse of the 27 Club.”

You can watch the brand-new trailer for the film below.

The 27 Club will premiere Tuesday, April 23 on VOD platforms.

Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with the 27 Club, you can watch a video detailing the mind-boggling theories below.

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