The Academy Is... called it quits seven years ago. Although the band reunited for a while in 2015, the band haven't released new music since 2009 EP Lost In Pacific Time.

If you ever wondered what new music from them would sound like today, rest assured you're not alone.

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The Chicago band released three albums before calling it quits back in 2011. Then, in September 2015, the band reunited for a set at Riot Fest, celebrating the release of their everlasting debut album, Almost Here.

Afterwards, the Academy Is… announced an entire 10-year anniversary tour for the record, which was held in late 2015. In 2017, the band also celebrated the release of their sophomore record, Santi.

Fast Times At Barrington High, TAI's third and last full-length, came out on August 19, 2008. Even though we're quickly approaching the 10-year mark, we haven't heard anything from them about celebrating the release.

Yes, we are waiting for something—and we're not alone in this. How do we know? Well...

It all started with a tweet from founder Jason Tate.

This is already 2/5 of the band wondering—and maybe thinking about—a new The Academy Is... album. Fans are here for it, as well.

So, what do you say? Could we get a new TAI album later this year?
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