The Academy Is... will live on in our hearts forever. After dominating the scene in the early to mid-2000s, they haven't performed together since their 2015 reunion shows. Earlier this month, TAI posted a photo that is strikingly similar to the cover of their debut album Almost Here‘s cover art. Almost Here is approaching its 15 year anniversary in February.

Now, The Academy Is... took to Facebook to share an event post. The event is a celebration of 15 years of Almost Here, taking place at an EmoVsPopPunk night next month in Chicago.

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The Academy Is... posted the event to Facebook saying, "Beauty Bar in Chicago will be celebrating 15 years of “Almost Here” on February 9th. Come out and sing it loud and proud."

The event is a regularly scheduled dance party that plays Mayday Parade, All Time Low, My Chemical Romance, blink-182 and all of that other good stuff that most clubs don't play.

This event is special because they will be playing The Academy Is...' Almost Here all the way through. The date of the party is Feb. 9 which is just a day after the official anniversary of Almost Here.

We know bassist Adam Siska occasionally DJs some spots around Chicago but whether or not any member of The Academy Is... will be there is unconfirmed.

If you want more information about the Almost Here 15-year anniversary event, head here.

the academy is almost here


In case you forgot, that album features "Checkmarks," and "The Phrase That Pays." Check out the full tracklist and listen to the album below.

The Academy Is... Almost Here tracklist
  1. "Attention"
  2. "Season"
  3. "Slow Down"
  4. "The Phrase That Pays"
  5. "Black Mamba"
  6. "Skeptics and True Believers"
  7. "Classifieds"
  8.  "Checkmarks"
  9.  "Down and Out" (William Beckett)
  10.  "Almost Here"


More on The Academy Is...

The Academy Is… haven’t performed together since their 2015 reunion shows but the band made a rare post on Facebook to tease something.

They posted a photo that is very similar to the cover of their debut album Almost Here‘s cover art.

The band’s debut record is coming up on its 15-year anniversary in February leading to speculation about another run of tour dates.

The band have not said anything further and their last show took place on December 30, 2015.

You can see their post below.

Most recently, their bassist Adam Siska commented on one of the band’s demo tracks hitting Spotify.

Back in the spring, the band’s iTunes bonus track “Sodium” from their third and final studio album, Fast Times at Barrington High, hit the streaming service unexpectedly.

News of the freshly resurfaced tracks was soon noticed by Siska, who was quick to chime in on the demo track.

“An old TAI demo has resurfaced on Spotify, and many people think it’s a new song. I vaguely remember the demo, but frankly it stinks and I don’t like it, and I promise that if we were ever to put out new music, it would have to be much better than that!”

Tell us your favorite The Academy Is... track in the comments below!

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