The Addams Family have unveiled a brand new trailer showing the terrifying side of living in the suburbs. 

This is the second trailer the film has dropped. 

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Back in April, the first trailer shows the classic spooky family we know and love. However, besides just the animation itself, the film definitely has a modern twist. Morticia Addams even makes reference to Stephen King‘s It in the short teaser that made us horror movie buffs geek out.

“Strange. There’s usually a murderous clown attached to the other end of these,” she says about her daughter holding a red balloon.

The teaser is equal parts cute and spooky, which is pretty much all we can ask for in the remake. You can watch it for yourself below.

Now, the new trailer shows the family having a hard time fitting in to their new neighborhood. Their neighbors even appear to revolt against the family moving in due to all the trouble they cause. Check out the brand new trailer below.

As previously reported, MGM president, Jonathan Glickman, revealed the absolutely stacked cast set to voice the Addams family.

Oscar Isaac and Charlize Theron will play the parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams. Finn Wolfhard will star as Pugsley, while Chloë Grace Moretz is lending her voice to Wednesday Addams.

Plus, Nick Kroll is going to play Uncle Fester and Bette Midler will star as Grandmama. Additionally, Allison Janney will lend her voice to the Addams family arch nemesis Margaux Needler.

The Addams Family was first inspired by Charles Addams’ comic strips in the New Yorker. Then, the family was then adapted to the silver screen in the 60s. From there, the franchise grew into a cult phenomenon, acquiring even more adaptations and reboots. You can check out some of the original comic drawings here.

The Addams Family animated film hits theaters this Halloween.

How excited are you for the animated Addams Family flick? Sound off in the comments below!

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