The All-American Rejects know how to build anticipation. It’s been six years since the alt-rock four-piece released their fourth LP Kids In The Street, and while last summer brought us “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes,” we’ve been itching for new music. Well, we finally got our wish—sort of.

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The Rejects partnered with Dark Operative on their It Came From The Abyss (Volume 1) compilation to release a decade old demo titled “Stay.”

The track was created while the band were writing for their third full-length, 2008’s When The World Comes Down, but the song never saw the light of day until now.

“Whenever we finish a record we’re always sitting on a pile of demos that never made it to the studio stage for whatever reason,” guitarist Mike Kennerty says. “‘Stay’ is one of those songs that didn’t make the cut at the time [around 2008], but is a solid, sweet little tune in retrospect. We hope folks enjoy this time capsule!”

Dark Operative’s compilation is just the first volume as the label plans to continue the series. This record is split into two halves: The first highlights underground metal and hardcore while the second showcases indie and emo artists.

Along with new songs and demos, the album also has some of its featured bands tackling covers such as Power Trip taking on Prong and the Dillinger Escape Plan channeling Black Flag.

It Came From The Abyss (Volume 1) will be released Aug. 10 and is available for preorder now as a digital album or vinyl.

Check out the All-American Rejects’ demo of “Stay” as well as the compilation’s full tracklisting below.

1. Power Trip - “Brainwave”
2. Dillinger Escape Plan - “Damaged I & II”
3. Doomriders - “Hell Roaring”
4. Bleach Everything - “Savage”
5. Integrity - “I Know Where Everyone Lives”
6. Iron Reagan - “Government Surveillance”
7. Iron Reagan - “Carbon Monoxide”
8. Iron Reagan - “Delete That”
9. This Will Destroy You - “Escape Angle”
10. Black Mare - “Glaesir”
11. Grave Pleasures - “Doomsday Rainbow (Demo)”
12. Highness - “Impressions”
13. Christie Front Drive - “Bag”
14. The All-American Rejects - “Stay (Demo)”