Back in January, just mere hours into the new year, the All-American Rejects announced something was in store for fans in 2019.

With fingers crossed for a new song or even a whole album, the four-piece are adding more speculation with their latest post.

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Today, the Rejects took to Twitter to share a photo of frontman Tyson Ritter with the caption, “When you see my face, hope it gives you hell ? what's up y'all?”

The band have been regularly posting throwback photos to their feed from different eras, suggesting that this could be from when 2008’s When The World Comes Down (which houses “Gives You Hell”) was recorded.

However, in addition to that tease at the beginning of the year, another studio photo was posted mid-March with the caption, “Studio times are some of the best times.”

However, it’s leaning more towards both of these images being throwbacks or at least from earlier this year as Ritter has been abroad since February filming an unnamed TV show in Australia.

Despite this, new music would make sense for the Rejects as they gear up for a set at the upcoming 25th anniversary Warped Tour shows. The band will appear at the Mountain View stop’s second day, July 21.

More on the All-American Rejects teasing

On Jan. 1, the band tweeted a series of photos featuring each member with the caption, “Happy 2019 Rejects! Looks like something might be coming this year…”

At the time, they didn’t specifically say that they are returning with a full-length record, but many fans began speculating the cryptic tweet's meaning. 

Fans have gotten various EPs and singles since their last full-length record Kids In The Street in 2011. However, it has been around six years since the Rejects have released an new LP.

Most recently, the band put out a demo for their song “Stay” last year. Before that, the Rejects released a 2-song EP titled Sweat, which contained the title track and “Close Your Eyes.”

Last February, frontman Tyson Ritter tweeted that the band were no longer signed to Interscope. Could this mean that any new music will be self-released?

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