On Monday night, the Ataris frontman Kris Roe was innocently involved in a high-speed police chase. As a reportedly stolen Dodge Charger sped around Hollywood, it struck the frontman's van head-on during a police pursuit.

In the process of the crash, Roe’s 10-ton van was sent into the parking lane. Additionally, the impact sent Roe’s French Bulldog, Gracie out of her seat.

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At first, Roe believed that his beloved dog had lost her life, but after searching through the rubble, he located her, alive and uninjured.

Following that, the van began to smoke as the pair safely exited the pinned vehicle through the van’s back window.

However, the chaos of the event doesn’t stop there. After exiting the car, Roe realized that he had found himself in an active crime scene, surrounded by police with their guns pulled.

As police yelled for bystanders to stay back, Roe found himself a spot on the curb where a homeless man offered him a blanket and a chair.

“It’s nice to know that compassion exists in this world, Roe says. “I’m super thankful to be alive tonight. Merry Christmas. Never take one second for granted.”

Luckily enough, nobody involved in the crash was severely injured or killed. However, Roe says he is experiencing pain in his leg, back, neck and side.

“I feel lucky to be alive,” Roe says. “I am beyond shaken up.”

After the accident, the band took to Facebook to share the encounter in detail. You can see photos of the crash, as well as the full post, below.

Additionally, you can check out a video of the car chase from NBC4 LA News below.

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