Ahead of their upcoming album Karaoke Alone, the Aubreys have partnered with Veeps to put on a stripped-down livestream show featuring brand-new songs from the record.

Earlier this year, the duo of Finn Wolfhard and Malcolm Craig confirmed that their debut full-length was done and would be released soon.

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While the Alternative Press October cover stars recorded and wrote the album during the COVID-19 pandemic, they didn't want it to be defined by the lockdown.

“A lot of the songs were written pre-pandemic, but a lot of the songs were written post-,” Wolfhard says in their cover interview. “We definitely did not want it to be ‘the pandemic album.’ That can be pretty cringe-y. It’s such a gimmick. You’ve got to find a healthy medium. 

“I’d say ‘Karaoke Alone’ is the one song on the album that has to do with isolation, full stop,” he continues. “That’s a theme of the album: isolation. When you’re a teenager, growing up — now we’re young adults — inherently, isolation is a theme. We have gone through it. Even though we have a lot of friends that we love and adore, sometimes you just feel lonely as a kid. That’s what happens.”

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The Aubreys shared the news about their livestream show on Instagram, writing, “We will be streaming on October 30! Come and check it out will be playing some of the new songs.”

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Ahead of Karaoke Alone, the duo have shared singles from the album, including the titular track. More recently, they also released “Resale.”

The Aubreys' livestream, titled “The Aubreys from Verse in Los Angeles,” will take place Oct. 30 at 1 p.m. PT, and advance tickets are available now.

Check out “Karaoke Alone” below, and let us know if you will be watching the livestream in the comments!