With 2022 fast on the way, Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman is inching closer to its March 4 release date.

A new teaser gives fans a closer look at the film’s intense dialogue and action-packed plot. The trailer also highlights the intentions of one of the Dark Knight’s classic adversaries.

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The new teaser, released by DC Comics Japan, offers a glimpse of Paul Dano’s portrayal of Riddler. In a conversation with Commissioner Savage, played by Alex Ferns, Riddler remarks, “I’m here to unmask the truth about this city.” This hints at the vice-ridden state of Gotham’s justice system that Batman repeatedly strives to mend.

The trailer also includes a scene where a car rams into a building in an attempt to take out Bruce Wayne. After, Wayne looks up to see an enigmatic figure standing on a balcony looking down at him.

The trailer closes with Batman taking off his mask to face a villain who says, “I’ve been trying to reach you, Bruce Wayne.” Following this statement is sinister laughter, though it’s unclear whether the sound comes from Riddler or another villain.

The Batman is set to hit theaters everywhere March 4, 2022.

Watch the latest trailer below!