They say imitation is the best form of flattery. And our list of My Chemical Romance cover versions makes for an iron-clad case. From relative unknowns to AltPress favorites, the scope of the MCR fandom significantly extends to a great number of musicians.

There is an old adage that posits a good song is a good song. Meaning that it sounds good played on a battered acoustic or through a wall of Marshall stacks. This theory explains a lot. Like how the late Johnny Cash was able to take Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and practically make it his own. Or how lots of dudes in '90s hardcore bands really like the Smiths. (At least the ones we talk to.) Still as good as these versions are, My Chemical Romance still retain bragging rights for their original visions.

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My Chemical Romance have always cut their own path, sonically and figuratively. What's interesting is how bands with distinct creative directions embrace them. Our video of MCR cover versions reveals respect from unlikely quarters. Metal dudes far and wide dig them (we'll credit shredmaster Ray Toro for that one). The pop contingent can't deny the hooks and lyrics. Even the select indie-rock darlings know which knee to genuflect on. Collectively, all of these artists' works would make for a weird playlist. Gathered together in a video tribute to some reconstituted rock heroes, it all makes sense.

We think you'll like our rundown of My Chemical Romance cover versions. The motives of these artists are sincere as they manifest their love of the band. It's also a pretty damn brave thing to do. Because nobody wants to be in the group that "ruined" an MCR song. Then again, the songs are so good, is that really even possible?