We're pretty sure you've heard the old aphorism: "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." It's a statement that's always been universally prescient. However, it might not apply to these choice punk albums from 1982. This APTV video revisits that awesome year for some groundbreaking releases. If anybody really wants to repeat the potency these records still carry, why stop them?

The American hardcore scene was already in full aerobic-anger mode a few years prior. In those days, most professional music critics either quietly dismissed hardcore or deliberately ignored it. Naturally, many of the best punk albums from 1982 were hardcore through and through. In addition, some inspired souls were able to drag other musical tropes into hardcore's orbit. Of course, even the most pretentious rock writer back then couldn't bear to coin the term "hardcore-adjacent." So it was all deemed "punk."

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There's a wide sonic berth in our list of punk albums from 1982. You can get a vibe of how this community manifested itself in various parts of the country (and the world).  Unlike most of the corporate, aural cholesterol clogging the radio waves back then, hardcore was different. The East Coast, West Coast and Midwest had their stylistic maneuvers. And Great Britain and Australia had a mutant strain of the virus all of their own. Nearly four decades later, these records still burn.

We remember a singer from a mid-'90s punk band who summarized music discovery best. "You have to go into it with the attitude that you're not listening to something old. You're listening to something good." It's an attitude that's both healthy and evolving. And it's still pretty effin' cool. Naturally, music has an innate way of triggering memories. Sure, our parents may have all kinds of gooey ones from decidedly non-punk albums from 1982. But has anybody gotten the warm and fuzzy, slow-dance feels from stuff like this? Maybe if Dad caught Mom's elbow in his left eye socket at a show...