As it goes in horror films, if you go on a summer vacation, you can expect things not to go as planned. But at least horror fans can have a good time at the movies! This summer, it looks like The Blackening is bound to be our blockbuster-horror obsession.

Today, the trailer for the horror-comedy The Blackening, directed by Tim Story and co-written by Dewayne Perkins and Tracy Oliver of Girls Trip fame, dropped. The film, which arrives in theaters June 16, follows a group of friends (played by Yvonne Orji, Jay Pharoh, Antoinette Robertson, and more) who reunite for a Juneteenth celebration they're holding at a cabin in the woods — which goes very wrong.

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In the clip, once the group gets the good times rolling, they come across a game room in the cabin, with a game called The Blackening pulled out — or what looks like "Jim Crow Monopoly." When an old TV in the room turns on and a man in a mask appears, telling them to play the game or their friend dies, it looks like The Blackening isn't just any old board game. Centered around the trope that "the Black character always dies first" in horror and full of LOL-worthy jokes in the trailer already, it looks like we're in for a hit that flips a lot of horror movie cliches on their head.

Watch the trailer for The Blackening below.