The Dead Deads are back with glitter, grunge and more as they unveil their latest music video for “Deal With Me” in an exclusive premiere with Alternative Press. The powerhouse rock trio is paving their own path in the scene and their new raucous video is a perfect example of how.

Taking only the best elements from rock, indie, metal and punk, the Dead Deads use their music to express themselves and have as much fun as possible. The “Deal With Me” video is no different. With casino games, bedazzled guitars and a glittery bear mascot, the over-the-top visuals contribute to the song’s carefree vibe.

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“From King Buzzo's hair to the Iceman guitar, my goal was to be a little extra for this video,” singer Leticia Wolf says. 

The song itself is a powerful message about how being authentically yourself in every way can be liberating. With lyrics such as, “I’m feeling free, I’m feeling me,” the Dead Deads highlight the importance of embracing what makes you unique.

“As humans, we often find ourselves catering our looks, words, and actions to different sets of expectations,” Wolf continues. “'Deal With Me' addresses those concerns with a new mantra: ‘You're gonna have to deal with me.' 

“Whether it's an NFL player snagging an interception, a transgender politician taking office, or a fourth-grader wearing a tutu to school, the message is the same—'I bring something unique to the table, I'm doing what I was born to do, and I guess you're just going to have to deal with me.'” 

At its most basic meaning, the song is a way to tell the world to deal with who you are and what you do. While the phrase “deal with it” is often passive-aggressive, the trio repurposed the meaning and negativity for the track.

"From the time we wrote the song, we've used 'deal with me' as the go-to punctuation for anything funny, silly, powerful, relentless, brilliant, or embarrassing we might do,” Wolf says. “It's just a magical phrase. It's an homage to 'We're here. We're queer. Get used to it.' And the beautiful thing is—it's for literally everyone."

Check out the Dead Deads’ new video for “Deal With Me” below.