Many people cite an overarching event as something that will in some way, move culture along. You know, like those people who testify that punk rock is always going to be better when a certain party is holding court in Washington, D.C. Or that the world's self-imposed isolationism is guaranteed to give us a treasure trove of great art. Fortunately, the Deadnotes don't require any such quantification.

“The song is about rash decision making, numbing your feelings and only seemingly solving problems," says Dead Notes frontman Darius Lohmüller about their new video, "Ghost On The Ceiling."  "It‘s about always taking the easy way out of tricky situations instead of facing yourself and the fears of taking the difficult path of long-term healing. It was the last song we wrote for the album. The former version had a super-long and jazzy bridge we cut out at the last minute because we wanted it to create a intense experience with a short and compact structure.”

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The Deadnotes–frontman/guitarist Lohmüller, bassist Jakob Walheim and drummer Yannic Arens–hail from Freiburg, Germany. Their passports claim otherwise, but they sound like some seasoned dudes in the Midwest that loved old-school emo as much as they did pop-punk.

"Ghost On The Ceiling" (taken from the band's latest album Courage) is a well-executed track that's  breezy and immediate. After one listen, you will swear these guys were incubating in some small town emo hotbed. The Deadnotes feel as familiar as an old friend and twice as cool. In addition, the trio put their money where their hearts are, frequently assisting mental health campaigns in their country.

Check out "Ghost On The Ceiling" below. Then you'll see how the Deadnotes were able to open for bands as diverse as the Dangerous Summer and Foxing.