On this day five years ago, the Dillinger Escape Plan released their final album, Dissociation. The band’s sixth record marked the end of a two-decade-long career for the metalcore band.

To celebrate the anniversary of the album, the Dillinger Escape Plan are releasing several exclusive enhanced NFTs that truly bring the album to life.

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In collaboration with artist Oleg Rooz, the band have a total of 12 visual NFTs planned for the project. Each track on the album will have its own NFT, while “Surrogate” will have two versions.

Additionally, every NFT is unique in its own individual way. Each one will either be “brand new, never-before-released or reimagined animated visuals from the album campaign.” Ten of the NFTs are recreations. However, “Surrogate” and “Dissociation” will be given entirely new visuals.

The first track on Dissociation, “Limerent Death,” already has its own NFT. The additional visuals are anticipated to be released soon.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan aren’t the first artists to get on board with NFTs. Many musicians have embraced the possibilities offered by the format. Recently, Good Charlotte announced their collection of NFTs in celebration of Halloween. For the project, the band collaborated with Clay Mates for a “Trick or Treat”-themed line that’s exclusive to Clay Nation NFT holders.

In addition, Avenged Sevenfold also unveiled their new Deathbats Club, in which fans can connect with the band through NFTs. Frontman M. Shadows recently talked with AltPress on this latest digital innovation. He explained that NFTs were not only collectibles, but a unique form of engagement between artists and fans.

What I realized with NFT collections, like the Bored Apes, was that they were pulling utility out of thin air,” he says. “They were saying, ‘OK, if you buy a Bored Ape, it may go up in value, so buying it can be a speculative play. But, if you have this, you also get exclusive merch drops. You get to go to parties on yachts in Miami. You get to go to parties in Vegas... it's basically your ticket into a club.’

He continued to explain the significance for AX7 in particular. “I thought, we have a fanbase who want music and access to us. We've had 20 years of building goodwill with our fans, and they always want stuff—Zoom calls, guitar lessons from Syn [Gates, A7X guitarist], giveaways, exclusive merchandise, everything.”

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For the Dillinger Escape Plan and many other artists, the world of NFTs is bursting with creative opportunities to give their fanbase exclusive and memorable works of art.

The Dillinger Escape Plan’s list of NFTs:

1. “Limerent Death”
2. “Symptom Of Terminal Illness”
3. “Wanting Not So Much To As To”
4. “Fugue”
5. “Low Feels Blvd”
6. “Surrogate” (V.1)
7. “Surrogate” (V.2/New)
8. “Honeysuckle”
9. “Manufacturing Discontent”
10. “Apologies Not Included”
11. “Nothing To Forget”
12. “Dissociation” (New)

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