Every music lover has that one good song or album that's ruined by a shitty time or person. For rock 'n roll power trio, the Dirty Nil, nothing can ruin alt rock heroes Weezer...except for maybe Weezer...

Dirty Nil frontman Luke Bentham doesn't have love/hate relationship with the mighty Weez as much as he has a love/indifference relationship with Rivers Cuomo and co.–siting large chunks of their back catalogue as mostly skippable but laced with quite a few undeniable pop rock masterpieces in their post "Pinkerton" records.

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Drummer Kyle Miller also opens up about a friend's tragic comparison between Nirvana's debut record and a modern radio rock band that has forever tainted "Bleach" in this APTV exclusive.

The band also recently released a new music video featuring Jesus Christ.

Directed by Mitch Barnes and Victor Malang, the music video for the Dirty Nil’s song “That’s What Heaven Feels Like” takes an interesting turn. The music video follows the band’s satirical death into the afterlife.

After “Jesus Christ” drowns the band in an inground swimming pool, the Dirty Nil make their way to their version of heaven. In their “heaven,” they are met with a plethora of Segways, martinis and gold chains.

You can watch the Ontario rock band’s music video for the grungey tune “That’s What Heaven Feels Like” now.