Straight out of Bisbee, Arizona, come the Exbats! Centered around the sunny cowpunk/jangling guitar tropes of Kenny McLain and drummer/vocalist Inez McLain, the Exbats are truly fun to behold.

Today AltPress is premiering the video for “You Don’t Get It (You Don’t Got It),” the first song from the Exbats’ impending Burger Records release, Kicks, Hits And Fits. In this clip, Inez is dragging around a huge video screen that’s running images of some of the most divisive and tragic quandaries mankind has been facing. Our heroine sings about a relationship that went south while trudging through the desert bearing the weight of the world. 

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"I’m not trying to be some sort of savior or an oracle or whatever,” Inez says about the video. “But the world my generation is inheriting came from somewhere. Somebody is responsible, and it is obviously very fucked up, and it feels like we can’t break free. We all drag this stuff along behind us, and it’s hard to change the picture: All these images just appear, and it's always calamity. Collapse seems to be tethered to all of us.”

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Indeed by itself, “You Don’t Get It” is a glorious kiss-off to a defective love interest. It’s the same mindset that makes bands such as the Aquadolls and the Coathangers so compelling. That sentiment in tandem with the video, however, does take on a whole new meaning. 

Kicks, Hits And Fits is slated for release March 6. The Exbats’ will make you start a White Claw-fueled pillow fight in a house you've just broken into. Fall in love with indie-pop all over again, friends.