In a new statement posted to their social media, the Faim have announced the departure of their longtime drummer Sean Tighe.

You can read the band and Tighe's announcement below.

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The band took to their social media accounts yesterday, Nov. 27, where they explained in a statement that they and Tighe will be parting ways, but they wish him all the best.

Additionally, this doesn't mean the band will be missing any of their previously scheduled shows, though a replacement for Tighe has not officially been announced.

Read the band's official statement below:

"After careful consideration, Sean Tighe and the Faim have decided to part ways. We fully support Sean and believe everyone should do what's best for themselves in this life. We don't doubt that Sean's skill and talent behind the kit will make for an exciting future. All the best brother.

The Faim won't be skipping a beat and we look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming shows.

Josh, Stephen & Sam"

In addition to the band's statement, Tighe has posted as a statement of his own.

You can read Tighe's official statement below:

"Hi to all of the amazing fans, loyal friends and incredible people who support and inspire me every day. I love you so much.

From the age of eleven I have had only one dream and goal; to be a brilliant drummer, the very best I can be in a world-renowned band, just like my heroes. I have put my heart, energy, passion, fun and soul into that dedicated goal from day one and throughout my time performing with originally Small Town Heroes and the Faim. I am so proud of what I and the guys in the band have achieved.

Thank you and deepest respect for John Feldmann for taking this bunch of young guys from the remotest city in the world to LA and giving us a dream shot. I will never forget the joy and excitement of that LA adventure.

I’m also proud that I have put every ounce of energy into every show and never missed one show, even playing with a fractured wrist in Europe, the most challenging thing I’ve done.

As discussed with the band members and manager, we are parting company/ ways. Our relationship, unfortunately, hasn’t worked out. I wish the guys every success in life and music.

I am now focusing on the future and will be putting my passion and energy into seeking opportunities to continue to fulfil my passion of drumming.

Thank you once again to all of the fans. I love you guys and will be doubling down even harder to perform for you in the future. Playing for you all with passion was the light that stayed lit within me.