The Fever 333 are one of the hottest bands in the world right now.

They signed to Roadrunner Records in March and immediately released their debut EP MADE AN AMERICA. Bring Me The Horizon snapped them up as the main support for their upcoming U.K. and mainland Europe tour in November, and the band are currently working on a full-length record.

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While still hard at work, the Fever 333 just formed over a year ago to make songs about change, with Travis Barker and John Feldmann as part of their writing and recording team. This year, more audiences have gotten the opportunity to see them perform at their politically charged demonstrations.

They call each event a “demonstration”—not a gig—in order to offer a different experience from a rock concert, demonstrating a sense of solidarity between the band and their friends and allies in the crowd and, most importantly, to create a safe space for everyone in attendance to express themselves respectfully.

At the end of August, the trio completed their first-ever set at Reading Festival, an iconic heritage setting for live music in the U.K. where exactly a decade ago, Rage Against The Machine headlined. The American renegades famously appeared onstage in orange jumpsuits with black bags over their heads. The move was in protest of the Bush administration’s incarceration and treatment of inmates in Guantanamo Bay.

It’s hardly a stretch to compare two artists. Both are equally as visceral, explosive and fearless as one another. Fever frontman Jason Aalon Butler even takes the stage in a similarly dramatic fashion at the beginning of Fever demonstrations.

“My relationship with Rage Against The Machine was led by Zack De La Rocha. Lyrically, he spoke in a way that really inspired me, and he still does,” Butler says.

But what’s De La Rocha up to these days? Not much has been heard about him since he gave his blessing to his former bandmates to put Prophets Of Rage together in 2016, although he has joined hip-hop duo Run The Jewels during their sets several times in the past few years including at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

“He’s working on music, being a fucking activist and getting coffee by where I live,” Butler explains. “I haven’t said anything to him yet. He’s just so cool.”

The vocalist deliberates for a split second and then continues.

“I’m going to be 100, because maybe he’ll read this—I want Zack on this damn full-length record. Let’s put that out there.”

While we wait for De La Rocha’s response with baited breath, check out the Fever 333’s latest video, a remix of “Made An America” featuring Travis Barker and Vic Mensa.