The Ghost Inside made their triumphant return to the stage last month, and now they're working on a new album.

This will be the band's first new material since their bus accident which left them out of commission for about four years.

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The band shared a photo of themselves working in the studio with Fit for an Autopsy’s Will Putney and A Day to Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon.

Dear Youth

The new album marks their fifth full-length album and though there is no release date yet, will come out on Epitaph Records.

In late 2015, the Ghost Inside were involved in a serious bus accident that claimed the lives of their driver and everyone in the other vehicle. Drummer Andrew Tkaczyk lost his leg from the accident, and the rest of the band and crew members were hospitalized in critical condition. They survived the accident but have faced an arduous road to recovery since then.

The band held their first live performance since the bus crash in 2015 in July. The band performed their “one night” only show at The Shrine in Los Angeles with opening acts including This Wild Life, Trade Wind and Wage War’s Cody Quistad.

Taking the stage for their sold-out show, the Ghost Inside played a nearly 20 song set with footage of the event quickly surfacing online.

Check out some of the fan-shot videos below.

The Ghost Inside - The Other Half (their first time ever performing it live @ The Shrine) from r/PostHardcore

What do you think of The Ghost Inside recording a new album after their bus accident? Let us know in the comments below.

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