The Ghost Inside have officially finished their album according to drummer Andrew Tkaczyk. The last bit of news we received was back in August when the band posted a photo of them in the studio with A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon.

The Ghost Inside haven't had an easy time as a band. Just over four years ago the metalcore outfit were in a tragic bus accident that resulted in a number of fatalities, the loss of Tkaczyk's leg and many years of recovery.

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Back in July, the Ghost Inside played their first live show since their accident in 2015. Tickets immediately sold out for the venue. Since then, the Ghost Inside have released a live video of "Mercy" from that show and have teased that they are working on new music.

But, since then, it has been pretty quiet news-wise from the Ghost Inside. Now though, we know the followup to 2014's Dear Youth is finally complete. Speaking with Craig Reynolds of Stray From The Path, Tkaczyk commented on the production and process of the new tunes on The Downbeat podcast.

“Back in January of last year I turned one of my bedrooms into a little studio, and the guys came out and we just started writing it," Tkaczyk explains. "So when we got hold of Will [Putney] to tell him we were interested in him producing the record, we also had Jeremy from A Day To Remember on board, which we’ve had on the last two records."

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“How it worked was, we first initially met up in Orlando at Jeremy’s studio and Andrew Wade’s studio to do these pre-pro demos. And that was in May of last year."

"So he came there, and we all flew to Florida, and we spent two or three weeks in Orlando. And then we took a little break because we had our comeback show to do in July, so we took a little break to prepare for that, and then went back to good old Belleville, New Jersey to finish and track the record.”

Bad news for fans who were hoping for some news on the name of the record. Tkacyzk answers that question too.

“I don’t think we’ve quite settled on a name yet. But the record is done, and literally as of last night we are listening to the mix, and all this stuff. So it’s super-exciting.”

This is the first time the Ghost Inside have worked with Fit For An Autopsy’s  Will Putney but, they have previously worked with McKinnon on their previous releases, 2014’s Dear Youth and 2012’s Get What You Give.

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The Ghost Inside did state that “by no means are we ready for physically or mentally to do any touring but July 13 proved to us that we are much more than capable of overcoming all of the challenges that have been placed in our way.” Since then, the band has played one show at Unify Gathering in Australia. They are playing Full Force Festival in Germany in June. Then, a one-off date at the 02 Brixton Academy in London on July 4. Until the new record comes out, we'll just keep our fingers crossed for more news.

Check out their live performance of "Mercy" at the Shrine last July. The live video was shot during their return to the stage for the first time. This was their only live show in 2019, playing almost 20 songs during their set.


Are you excited for the Ghost Inside's new album? We sure are, as it was included in our 40 most anticipated albums of 2020 list. Sound off in the comments below!

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