Earlier this week, Netflix revealed that the Haunting of Bly Manor arrives this fall. As well, various new photos and information regarding the highly-awaited Haunting Of Hill House follow up were released.

Now, a cryptic voicemail may have just revealed when the Bly Manor trailer is arriving.

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Due to coronavirus, many fans were expecting Bly Manor‘s release to be delayed along with various other films and shows. However, in April, Mike Flanagan revealed that filming for the season wrapped before the pandemic hit. He also shared that the new season will be arriving sometime this year.

Bly Manor
Bly Manor

When fans call the number, a creepy recording of a child seems to reveal that the Bly Manor trailer is arriving sooner than we think.

The "five days" reference in the recorded message could mean that the Haunting of Bly Manor trailer is arriving on Monday, Aug. 31. For now, we will have to wait and see.

More on The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor is based on the 1898 novella The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. The story is about a young woman who moves to the English countryside to care for two orphaned children. While here, she encounters evidence of a grim history and entities she doesn’t know how to explain.

As Flanagan shares, Bly Manor has a different tone than Hill House. While Hill House was about a family living through trauma, Bly Manor is all about broken hearts and star-crossed romance.

“It certainly provides a new way to tell a love story, and there are three of them really that beat at the heart of this season,” Flanagan says. “They all have a very dark edge to them. And by the end, it’s really hard to differentiate tragedy with romance. That sense of romantic longing for someone who meant so much to us—but who’s gone—really is the heart of any ghost story.”

Along with The Turn of the Screw, Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy have weaved in other stories into Bly Manor. Aspects from stories including The Jolly Corner, about a doppelgänger and The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, about two sisters and a chest of mysterious dresses, are all incorporated into Bly Manor.

Hill House's Victoria Pedretti, Kate Siegal, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Henry Thomas are returning for the new season. Thomas, who played the father in the Hill House, is playing Henry Wingrave, the wealthy uncle of the two orphaned children, in Bly Manor.

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Pedretti, who played Nellie Crain in Hill House, plays American tutor Dani Clayton in the new season. The character hopes to escape her own painful past by taking a job at a mansion looking after the Wingrave children. Miles Wingrave is 11 and played by Benjamin Evan Ainsworth while Flora Wingrave is 9 and played by Amelie Bea Smith.

“Victoria and I talked at the very beginning about how to differentiate this character from Nell. Nell was a character that carried around a ton of darkness with her and never quite got out of the shadows that she was introduced in when we see her as a child,” Flanagan says. “Between the setting in the ’80s, and this idea of a young American abroad, just out on an adventure, it brightened everything up to begin with.”

Siegel, who played Theo in Hill House, appears in Bly Manor in a role that is still a secret. Meanwhile, Jackson-Cohen is playing a very different character than drug-addicted Luke Crain. For Bly Manor, he plays the ominous character Peter Quint, a business associate of the uncle’s who tends to take whatever he pleases from Bly Manor.

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