Netflix launched a modern take on the horror classic The Haunting of Hill House that is quickly becoming known as one of the most compelling and terrifying shows of the year. There's one horrifying detail in the 10 episode series that most viewers are overlooking the first time around—the numerous hidden ghosts tucked away within the shadows of almost every episode.

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According to CNN many viewers are claiming this new Netflix horror series is SO scary that it's actually making viewers vomit and nearly passing out, but if you find yourself brave enough to sit through every episode, you may find yourself in for more than meets the eye.

In an exclusive interview with Bloody Disgustingdirector Mike Flanagan revealed that viewers should keep an eye out for ghosts that linger in the background and often go unnoticed despite sometimes being in plain sight.

“The interior was designed so that it could hide ghosts,” Flanagan told Bloody-Disgusting. "That was one of the big things. If you go back and watch the series again, in every episode there's probably somewhere between eight and ten ghosts that are just hidden in plain sight that we called no attention to but they’re there. I’m giddy about when the show launches and people start to spot them. I think that’s going to be really fun. We had a blast just hiding them all over the set whenever we were shooting. It’s pretty cool.”

The show's supervising producer and screenwriter Jeff Howard adds, "Some of them are old friends too from past projects. There’s a couple of fun little cameos with people from the movies. If you’re a fan of the movies, you’ll get a good little laugh from seeing them show up. I’m sure you saw a cameo from the original Hill House movie. There's also a bunch from the Flanagan Cinematic Universe."

These are not your typical one-and-done ghost sightings either. Viewers will notice repetition from certain ghosts showing up in the same areas they're confined to, and it's not coincidental.

“We broke down a lot of Hill House ghosts,” explains Howard. “We also broke down who they all are, where they came from, what their origin story was and what their agenda is now. As you see them pop up throughout, they’re definitely not random. They are the denizens of Hill House from years past that the house decided to keep for itself.”

Some ghosts lurk in the shadows, behind characters or furniture and even in the doorways and we have to admit—it's creepy as hell.

Even the show's official Twitter account has begun tweeting episodes and exact time points for hidden ghosts, giving viewers a little more help for those hard-to-spot spirits.

At least the show's Twitter was kind enough to give us a ghost count for every episode. Check out the thread below for each episode's "hidden ghost count."

It's like we're playing a really creepy game of Where's Waldo.

As if this show wasn't terrifying enough...

If you haven't already, check out the show's official trailer below.

Have you been able to spot all the hidden ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House? Let us know in the comments below!