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The internet has a lot of thoughts about Apple's AirPods Max headphones

Apple is officially expanding its tech empire further into the headphones industry. This week, the company announced the AirPods Max, its first-ever over-ear headphones.

Naturally, as with all of Apple’s new launches, the internet has a lot of thoughts about the new headphones.

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Apple has continued its domination in the tech industry in 2020. Although the new iPhone 12 was met with some harsh criticism, the phone’s launch did considerably well. According to Business Insider, between 1.7 and 2 million iPhone 12s were sold during the first day of pre-orders on Oct. 16.

In comparison, only between 500,000 and 800,000 iPhone 11s were sold during its first day of pre-orders. This feat is impressive considering the backlash Apple received over the iPhone 12 boxes not including EarPods or chargers.

As well, Apple is rolling out various Apple One subscription plans that make it easier than ever to bundle apps including Apple Music, Apple TV and more. This development, of course, was met with even more harsh criticism from streaming services including Spotify.

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Now, it looks like Apple is challenging companies such as Sony and Bose with its latest launch. This week, Apple unveiled its new AirPods Max headphones. The company’s first-ever over-ear headphones are equipped with high-fidelity sound and noise-canceling capabilities.

According to Apple, the AirPods Max are available starting on Tuesday, Dec. 15. As well, the headphones come in five colors –  space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, says that these new headphones offer a personal listening experience like never before.

“AirPods are the most popular headphones in the world, beloved for their effortless setup, incredible sound quality, and iconic design,” Joswiak says. “With AirPods Max, we are bringing that magical AirPods experience to a stunning over-ear design with high-fidelity audio.The custom acoustic design, combined with powerful H1 chips, and advanced software enable AirPods Max to use computational audio to wirelessly deliver the ultimate personal listening experience.”

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Despite the innovative design and noise-canceling capabilities, the internet has a lot of thoughts about the AirPods Max. In particular, customers aren’t too convinced by the over-ear headphones price tag of $549. This is in comparison to the AirPods which cost around $200 and the AirPods Pro which are priced at around $249.

Many are puzzled as to why the headphones are so expensive. Meanwhile, others are expecting the AirPods Max to offer an otherworldly experience when it comes to music listening.

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Regardless of the price tag, it’s likely that many individuals will fork out the near $600 for the AirPods Max. If you are one of those people, the headphones are available to pre-order here.

What are your reactions to Apple’s AirPods Max? Are you going to purchase a pair? Let us know in the comments below.