Emerging from the realm of echoing synth and tavern-window neon are the Ivory. The Alesana bandmates are now putting their own twinkly twist on ’80s revivalism for modern music buffs.

The duo are turning back time with AP to drop their throwback-style track and video for “Eat Your Heart Out.” Reeling back from their post-hardcore beginnings, vocalist Shane Crump and drummer Jeremy Bryan are catapulting into a substantial genre shift with their latest music. 

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Neon vibes were most definitely intended as the duo descend into a smeared pink-and-purple Pollock-esque montage over sounds reminiscent of a Breakfast Club background track.

The duo sought inspiration through era icons for their new song. They even transported their recording habits back in time all the same. 

“The sound of the song was inspired by the ’80s band Hall & Oates,” the band explain. “We kept it minimal with a pounding ’80s kick and snare, a Juno-106 synthesizer and a Fender Stratocaster for guitar.” 

Music influencers weren’t the only sages sought for the Ivory’s creative process. They also credit visual artists for the direction of the disco-set story. 

“For the visuals, the ’80s-style song inspired the ’80s-style video,” they say. “We wanted it to be exactly what it was without trying too hard. So, we set out to capture what an ’80s dance club would've looked like back then while throwing in a dash of Andy Warhol.”

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While the duo aimed to be intimate with the visuals, they also wished to give fans a small health tip through their spaced-out clips. 

“We wanted to make it fun, heartfelt and sexy and also to remind everyone to always take their daily dose of vitamin D,” the band say.

Check out the new track and video below. 

The Ivory plan to debut their first full-length in early 2020 along with a full tour in support of it. You can check for updates on the Ivory’s ongoing endeavors here

What do you think of the Ivory’s latest stab at ’80s pop-rock? Sound off in the comments below!

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