It's impossible not to sing along to The Killers' iconic "Mr. Brightside" track. I can't even begin to count the amount of times the song has played in between sets at a concert, where I've listened to the crowd sing in unison about how they're "doing just fine".

However, in what might be the most amazingly cringe-worthy video ever, we face the hard truth that not everyone is a "Mr. Brightside" fan.

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The Killers performed at the Philipp Plein Fashion Show in Milan last night, giving an intimate performance of songs that included our scene favorite.

Unfortunately, it seems that the fashion show crowds don't hold the track in such high regard like we do.

Before we get into the video that physically hurts my heart to watch, let's acknowledge just how great this song really is.

Such a timeless classic.

Now prepare yourself as you watch a room full of people simply stand back and watch as The Killers perform "Mr. Brightside."

Shout out to the one girl who represents all of us.

How are SO many people standing still?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

On a side note, can we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that the guy who wears stuff like this on stage ended up in jeans and a t-shirt during a fashion show?

Brandon Flowers is a mood.

What did you think of this crowd's participation (or lack thereof) during "Mr. Brightside"? Did this video hurt your soul as much as it did mine? Sound off in the comments below!

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