Finn Wolfhard, Demi Lovato and 8 other things to check out this week

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Finn Wolfhard promises one Hell Of A Summer

Between Stranger Things 4 and When You Finish Saving The World, Finn Wolfhard’s had a busy year. Now he’s making his directorial debut with the horror-comedy Hell Of A Summer. Wolfhard also co-wrote and will star in the upcoming film. Get all the details here.

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[Photo by Pooneh Ghana]

These beauty products are taking over #AltBeautyTikTok

The 2000s alt revival is here, and TikTok has become the epicenter for breaking trends in alternative fashion and beauty. Now it couldn’t be easier to find the perfect products to achieve a look that makes you stand out from the rest. From Good Dye Young to wet liners, check out five beauty products taking over #AltBeautyTikTok.

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Delicate Steve comes home

Delicate Steve didn’t play or think about music for a year before crafting his latest record, After Hours. On the album, the artist reignites his love for the electric guitar. “Home for me has always been, and hopefully always will be, exploring consciousness, in the same way that human beings are, and just continuing to push things in every direction all of the time,” he says. “I would say that the last thing that is ever going through my mind is a style of music to be conformed to. The guitar is my voice.” Read the interview here.


[Photo by Eleanor Petry]

Architects are unstoppable on their radioactive new single

Earlier this week, Architects returned with new single “tear gas,” and it premiered alongside a thrilling music video. The band also announced their 10th studio album, the classic symptoms of a broken spirit, will arrive Oct. 21 via Epitaph. Listen to the new track and don’t forget to preorder your copy.

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[Photo by Ed Mason]

Demi Lovato returns to their rock roots

Following the announcement of their forthcoming album, HOLY FVCK, Demi Lovato has released their second single, “SUBSTANCE.” Lovato officially steps into a new musical era with the visual, where they deliver a powerful vocal performance complete with a punk sound. Watch the video here.

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[Photo via YouTube]

Maggie Lindemann says “you’re not special”

Ahead of her debut album, SUCKERPUNCH, Maggie Lindemann dropped new single “you’re not special.” “There’s always going to be someone judging you or hoping to see you fail, but rather than let those people get under your skin, keep doing you and pursuing your dreams,” Lindemann says of the track. See for yourself by listening to it now.

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You can get Kiiara’s fit

Just as her music incorporates edgy imagery, Kiiara‘s style is equally expressionistic. From Pleasures to X-girl, see how you can get her fit in these gorgeous photos, captured by Amy Fleisher Madden.


[Photo by Amy Fleisher Madden]

JELEEL! is creating a world all his own

Rising artist JELEEL! crafts music that incorporates his infectious charisma and elements of indie rock, trap and Afrobeat. “I feel like people try to put me in a box, but it’s hard to because no one really knows what to call me,” JELEEL! says. “I’m still learning. I’m just a student of art, and I’m just going to keep designing and learning. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m gonna get it.” Read more about his musical influences and TikTok virality here.


[Photo by prettypuke]

Anxious know no bounds

Hardcore punks Anxious are exploring new terrain with their debut album, Little Green House. Pulling from pop and ’50s doo-wop, the band aimed to be as dynamic as possible. “I think when we were writing the songs, we were trying to make melodies that weren’t tied down to a certain genre or scene,” Dante Melucci says. “I was looking to a lot of my pop influences from being a kid, so I pulled that pop sensibility in to make something all-encompassing and accessible.” Read all about its creation here.


[Photo by Danielle Parsons]

Pura Vita is a vegan Italian paradise

Chef Tara Punzone has been a vegan since she was 12. Now she’s the owner and operator behind Pura Vita, a vegan Italian restaurant based in Southern California. From pasta carbonara to wood-fired pizza, it’s food made from the heart. “Part of having a restaurant is not just the food; it’s the experience,” she says. “It’s about music, people and watching others have an experience with all of the elements, not just the food.” Read a conversation between Punzone and H2O’s Toby Morse here.


[Photo by Naz Massaro]