The Lodge has dropped its first official full-length trailer that makes it look like it will be one of the scariest movies we’ve seen in awhile.

The film, which made its debut at Sundance Film Festival this year, reminded many critics of Hereditary. In case you forgot, many people regard that film as one of the scariest horror movies of 2018.

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“THE LODGE – Bone chilling slow burn – echoes of last year’s HEREDITARY are there, but this uniquely morbid family drama with religious furor maintains a precision that would make Hitch and Kubrick proud. Exceptional pacing, a frigid bit of horror that’s top notch,” critic Jason Gorber said on Twitter.

The filmmakers of the Australian horror hit Goodnight Mommy Severin Fail and Verokia Franz really pulled out all of the stops with this film. It is about a woman who is snowed in with her fiance’s two children when some seriously demonic events start to happen.

The trailer shows some freaky stuff — a suicide cult, a person falling through an ice covered pond and a lot more.

“You have nothing to be scared about,” one character says at the end of the trailer. However, it seems like we have plenty as far as this film comes along.

Check out the first trailer for yourself below.

 The film currently does not have a set release date, but is “coming soon” to theaters.

The movie also debuted an icy new poster to go along with the trailer. Check that out below.

Are you excited to see The Lodge once it hits theaters, or is it too freaky?Sound off in the comments below!

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