The Maine made a very special announcement for 8123 Day. The Arizona-based rockers are celebrating their 13th anniversary, but, they want to make it about the fans.

8123 Day includes a host of special things, including a bunch of new content, merchandise, meet and greets and above all, a scavenger hunt for some really cool prizes.

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In 2018, the band hosted their fan appreciation day for the first time with new content every hour for 11 hours straight.

This year, the Maine upped the ante with a free meet and greet at the 8123 store in Phoenix along with a “Make America Emo Again” after-party.

The instructions for the 8123 Day scavenger hunt are pretty simple.

"Throughout 8123 Day, we will be releasing several pieces of content," the website states. "Within each piece of content is a clue to the answers in the below Scavenger Hunt. To participate, simply write down all of your answers, keep track, and then submit once you have collected all of the clues."

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To submit your answers, simply head to the 8123 website here. The window for submissions will be live there at 7 p.m PST/10 p.m EST. Answers cannot be submitted before that time. The website lays out the ground rules for winning very explicitly.

The overall winner will be the first person to correctly answer all of the questions and submit via the form.[...] The submissions will be time stamped entries. We will narrow down all users that submitted 100% of the correct answers. After that, we will select in order based on the time of submission. The first person to get all of the answers correct and submit first when the form goes live… will receive the top prize. We will then go down the list in order of submission to reward the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place prizes.

The winners will be announced at 9 p.m pst/12 a.m. EST via the livestream of the Make America Emo Again Afterparty. from there, the Maine will reach out to the winners via email.

A download of the scavenger hunt sheet is available here.

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Now, we get to the fun part: the prizes. The first-place winner receives an 8123 Golden Ticket that will get you into all of the Maine’s headlining shows. This does not include festivals they may be appearing it. Second place receives two tickets to 2021's 8123 Festival. if the winner cannot attend, they'll receive four tickets to any the Maine shows of their choice. Third place receives an exclusive vinyl test pressing of You Are OK by the Maine.

Fourth and fifth place receive gift cards to the 8123 online or retail store of $150 and $100, respectively.

If you're a bit late to the jump, don't worry. The scavenger hunt content that has been posted already remains up. Head over to the 8123-day page here to see all of the content and scavenger hunt questions. Just make sure you have all of the answers by 7 p.m PST/10 p.m EST.

Enjoy 8123 Day and tell us what you think of the Maine's special celebration in the comments below!

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