The Maine have announced their second edition of 8123 Day as a celebration of their 13th-anniversary as a band.

They'll be offering fans some cool opportunities including an online scavenger hunt, contests, new merch and more.

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In 2018, the band hosted their fan appreciation day for the first time with new content every hour for 11 hours straight.

Now, they're planning another fan appreciation day for January 21. On top of all of the things already mentioned that they're offering fans, they will also be doing a free meet and greet at the 8123 store in Phoenix along with a “Make America Emo Again” party.

Tickets will be on sale this Friday (January 10) unless you are a part of the 8123 priority email list in which case you can grab tickets now.

Take a look at the band's announcement post below.

Are you excited about the Maine's second-ever 8123 Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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