It's that time of the week when the internet is in a frenzy over the unmasking of a hilariously clad human on The Masked Singer. The show revealed the singer that was in the Turtle costume and officially put any rumors that it was Gerard Way to rest. 

A number of people were torn over whose angelic voice was behind the Turtle. Guesses ranged from Way and Jesse McCartney to Adam Lambert or Nick Jonas

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Back in early-April, Twitter was split about who could possibly be in the rock and roll turtle costume on The Masked Singer. One of the most popular theories amongst viewers of the show is Jesse McCartney. 

But, others weren't too sure. Based on clues the turtle gave, they threw out wild card guesses like the Turtle could be Gerard Way. 

The Turtle’s costume does have a very rock ‘n roll vibe with spikes and he moves around like a seasoned frontman on stage. Considering My Chemical Romance has been around for just short of two decades, it’s safe to say that Way has cut his chops in terms of stage presence. 

While the voices to particularly match (even though Way is more than capable of throwing off the judges) one of the main supporting pieces of the theory is a particular clue about comic books. 

One fan pointed out that Gerard Way is the creator of the graphic novel bestseller and hit Netflix series The Umbrella AcademyThe Turtle also said that they are not known for just one thing.

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Well, The Masked Singer's finale put those Turtle theories to rest with his unmasking. Congratulations to those of you who guess Jesse McCartney because you were absolutely correct. 

As we noted, the voices didn't really match up but that comic book clue really threw everyone for a loop. Well, they explained that. McCartney actually is the voice of Robin in the animated series Young Justice.

Watch a brief clip and the official unmasking below. 

It was the finale though and unfortunately, the Turtle didn't win. Check out how people are reacting on Twitter. 



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The Masked Singer is great at making people guess incorrectly. There was the time everyone thought the leopard was Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie. Another time, judges and fans thought the elephant was blink-182‘s Travis Barker (turns out it was Tony Hawk).

But, nothing got past Sharon Osbourne when she correctly guessed Bret Michaels was the Banana.

Don't be upset McCartney didn't win The Masked Singer. Enjoy the music video for "Beautiful Soul" below.

Did you think the Turtle on The Masked Singer was Gerard Way? Sound off in the comments below!

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