Contrary to popular belief, America does not have the market cornered on metal bands fueled by passion and something to say. That’s why today we are premiering the new video by the Raven Age, “The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships.” The song appears on their latest album, Conspiracy, released on the Explorer1 label.

"The video for ‘The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships’ was shot whilst on tour in the U.S.,” guitarist George Harris says. “The location we chose was in the desert just outside Las Vegas as we thought it would help paint the picture of the story of Helen Of Troy, which is what the song’s written about."

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The Raven Agevocalist Matt James, guitarists Tony Maue and George Harris, bassist Matt Cox and drummer Jai Patelmay be familiar to listeners thanks to the success of their recent single, the furious rockin’ “Fleur De Lis.” That song made its way onto Billboard’s Top 40 Active Rock chart, powered by tandem leads, kick-drum acceleration and a bona fide rock-god performance from James, worthy of giving him a Valhalla mailing address.

But on “The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships,” the band dial things down to power ballad mode. James wanders the Vegas desert, seemingly in search of his perfect ideal and not just trappings of purported happiness. The restless hero sentiment of the Helen Of Troy mythology is bolstered by the lyrics (“I promise that I will keep/This fire burning in me/I'll face a war before I give in”) and the singer’s delivery. Of course it’s dramatic: Would you expect anything else from a band whose guitarist is the progeny of bassist Steve Harris, the crucial linchpin in epic fantasy-metal icons Iron Maiden?

Check out the video for “The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships” below and seek out Conspiracy here for your minimum daily requirement of metal majesty.