The Regrettes have shared a new single and music video, “Anxieties (Out Of Time).” The track comes off their upcoming album, Further Joy, out April 8 via Warner Records.

The Regrettes recently sat down with Alternative Press for issue #402. In their cover story interview, they spoke about how liberating themselves from expectations helped them create the new album.

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“We realized that we could do whatever we want right now,” Genessa Gariano says. “We could come out with a fresh sound that’s authentic. Our fear had been taken away. There were a lot of factors, like the real-life fear hanging over us.”

Drew Thomsen adds, “The illusion of things like that mattering got broken. We felt like something bad would happen if we deviated from our path.”

Lydia Night further explains, “We were projecting a fear of what we needed to sound like onto the people who listen to us. We were deciding for people that they wouldn’t like us if we sounded any different, but it’s not true.”

Check out the music video for “Anxieties (Out Of Time)” below.

The Regrettes appeared on the cover of AltPress issue #402, available here