The Regrettes summarize the painfully familiar feeling of having a crush on a friend with their latest track, “You’re So Fucking Pretty.”

The track addresses the confusion that comes with having a crush, such as wondering if the feelings are mutual and the overwhelming fear of rejection.

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In a press release, vocalist Lydia Night and guitarist Genessa Gariano discussed the inspiration behind the track and the importance of LGBTQIA+ validity in music.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever written directly about a girl I had a crush on, and it took me a while for me to even allow my brain to accept the fact that I’m bisexual,” Night says. “I always felt like I couldn’t validate my own feelings because I had never been in a relationship with a girl. But I had a pretty big crush on one of my friends a while ago, and this song is an exaggeration of that, but it’s still coming from a very real place.

“It was the very first experience where I was like, ‘Oh, these are real feelings. This isn’t just a sexual attraction,’ and that helped me realize I wasn’t straight,” Night continues. “This song means so much to me because it also represents the time we spent in Joshua Tree and opening up to my whole band about that experience and not feeling embarrassed or scared of talking about it. Writing this was important for me because it just validated my own sexuality.”

For Gariano, “You’re So Fucking Pretty” would have been a song that meant a lot to them as a kid growing up.

Now, they hope that the track can be as meaningful to others as well.

“As a queer person growing up, it definitely felt like there weren’t many songs I could relate to fully, and I feel like this song would have been something I would have held really close to my heart as a kid,” Gariano says. “I hope that happens with other people. I don’t think it necessarily has to be this queer anthem, but I think someone else could listen to it and feel the same way, or someone could feel that way about a boy they like. Boys can be pretty too.”

Listen to “You’re So Fucking Pretty” below.