There has been quite the influx of The Suicide Squad set photos leaking onto the internet. On Feb. 13, we saw a good glimpse at Harley Quinn's new comic book-inspired style. Now with even more photos surfacing, fans are starting to theorize about which characters may pop up.

Few details are truly known about the plot of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, other than the cast which does not include Jared Leto or Will Smith.

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We got our first good look at The Suicide Squad back in Septemeber when director James Gunn revealed the cast and a behind the scenes photo of them.

He first posted the photo of him hanging with the cast. Then, he began answering fan questions in the comments. On Monday, one fan asked when the film will start shooting. The director responded that they started “today” which means its already underway.

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Now, thanks to some more photos by onlookers, some are beginning to think we may see Bane in the flick. Granted, this may be a bit of a stretch but Bane is such an interesting character in the DC Universe that we would love to see him return to it. The last time we saw Bane was in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises

New photos of the set show a red, yellow and blue flag hanging from a building. We know that The Suicide Squad is filming in Panama but that is not Panama's flag. This has led to the speculation that our gang of misfits may be heading to the island of Santa Prisca. Santa Prisca is a fictional island in the Caribbean in the DC Universe. It is best known as the birthplace of Bane in the notorious prison known as Peña Duro.

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Another theory is that the Kobra Cult could be the main adversaries in The Suicide Squad. Considering we haven't seen them yet, it could be a chance to introduce some new baddies to a universe that needs something fresh.

Now, we're not saying that Bane is a certainty. Even if this is a Santa Prsca set, it doesn't mean that Bane will be there or play any role at all besides maybe an Easter Egg or line of dialogue referencing him. And, that is even if the location is supposed to be Santa Prisca. So there are quite a few "ifs" here. But, if we're correct, it would be great to see one of the most complex villains return to the big screen.

The Suicide Squad is expected to release Aug. 6, 2021. Tell us your thought on The Suicide Squad in the comments below!

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