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The ‘Twilight’ account just settled the debate on the soundtrack’s best song

Earlier this week, Hayley Williams stunned Paramore fans when she revealed that her favorite song from 2008’s Twilight isn’t “Decode” or “I Caught Myself.”

Now, it looks like the Twilight account is finally settling this debate once and for all.

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There’s no denying that the films in the Twilight saga have some massive soundtracks. In particular, the soundtrack for the 2008 film has a tracklisting that truly caters to emos out there.

Twilight‘s first soundtrack includes some big hits such as Linkin Park’s “Leave Out All The Rest.” As we saw in Stephenie Meyer‘s latest book Midnight Sun, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan once bonded over Linkin Park’s music.

Along with Linkin Park, Paramore have two songs on the Twilight soundtrack – “Decode” and “I Caught Myself.” However, it turns out that neither of these songs is Hayley Williams’ favorite from the film.

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The Paramore frontwoman recently took to Twitter to share which song from the 2008 film is actually her favorite. It all started with a tweet from Phoebe Bridgers. The Grammy-nominated artist tweeted that it’s a good thing the film’s soundtrack wasn’t around when she started making music.

“the twilight soundtrack really dodged a bullet by existing before I made music.”

Williams, however, clearly disagreed.

“it is with a single grain of humility and a mild sense of authority on the subject that i’d like to disagree.”

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One fan then argued that Paramore actually produced the best songs to appear on the Twilight soundtrack.

“the smile of the person who wrote the best songs for Twilight soundtrack.”

For Williams, she seemingly revealed there’s one song from the film that she enjoys more than Paramore’s. However, the track didn’t actually make it onto the Twilight soundtrack.

“Justice for Radiohead‘s ‘15 Step‘”

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The Radiohead song appears during the film’s credits, but for some reason, it never made it onto the official soundtrack. Williams’ answer quickly sparked a debate on Twitter. For many Paramore fans, it was the Twilight soundtrack that introduced them to their music in the first place.

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Now, the Twilight Twitter account is seemingly putting an end to this debate. On Tuesday, the account responded to Williams, confirming that Paramore are responsible for the best song on the soundtrack.

Although the account doesn’t clarify which song they are talking about, it can be inferred that they are likely referring to “Decode” due to its popularity. Williams did say that her favorite song isn’t actually on the soundtrack so the Twilight account isn’t in total disagreement with her.

“how dare they don’t they know paramore is responsible for the best song on the twilight soundtrack”

Williams has yet to reply to Twilight‘s tweet. However, the tweet has earned a slew of responses from both Paramore fans and followers of the franchise. Based on the comments, it looks like fans agree with the Twilight Twitter account. And, of course, they are asking that both the Paramore songs finally be put on streaming services.

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“Decode” and “I Caught Myself” are available to stream below.

Do you think Paramore have the best song on the Twilight soundtrack? Which Paramore song do you like more? Let us know in the comments below.