We're this close to the premiere of the second season of The Umbrella Academy. Netflix's live-action adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's graphic novel promises to ratchet up the tension, the wry humor and (what else?) the apocalypse.  Editor In Chief Paige Owens interviewed show stars David Castañeda  (Diego Hargreeves, Number Two) and Aidan Gallagher (Number Five) about character development and potential Easter eggs.

The idea of the dark and brooding antihero has been one of the most alluring comic book tropes. You know the type. The rough-around-the-edges loner with a bit of a temper and a moral code with more shades of grey than their 5 o’clock shadow. They tend to linger in the shadows and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers. Batman, Wolverine and Watchmen's classic headcase Rorschach are the very definition of antiheroes.

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Way conceived his own version of this archetype in Diego. When Owens asked what kind of characters he studied for illumination and inspiration, Castañeda's response was quite interesting. Which, when you think about it, is totally awesome. Because for all of its nuances, you can never ascertain how things work in The Umbrella Academy universe. Even Castañeda and Gallagher admit to being "in awe" when they walked into the '60s-themed set. Apparently, there's magic at play everywhere this season.

We're sure you're going to feel transported when you tune into the new season of The Umbrella Academy this Friday. Don't forget to check out our new issue, completely centered around the show, its cast and people behind the scenes. We're totally down with him, but we must respectfully disagree with Gallagher. The show is better than seeing these guys back in 1963.