The Umbrella Academy left quite a bit to be answered before signing off on season one. Fans have been clamoring for any type of detail regarding season two since. Now, it appears fans are really digging deep into the universe of the show and producing some rather interesting theories regarding its characters.

One fan proposed a theory claiming that Sir Reginald Hargreeves and Number 5 are the same person. Read the details below.

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In the theory posted to Reddit, the fan claims Number 5 and Father Reggie are the same person. How is this possible? Well, the details get a bit complex.

We know that Five went into the post-apocalyptic future to stop it from happening. He was then trapped and worked for The Commission for years. He then found a way to return to the past to warn his family of the impending doom. But, a miscalculation caused him to revert back into his 13-year old body.

This is where the theory begins. As a disclaimer, like in all mediums, book or film, the rules and effects of time travel are dicey and vary greatly depending on the creator.

Five ays he projected his consciousness in a quantum state that exists across all instances of time. The miscalculation resulted in him reverting back into his younger self. The theory alleges that the Five's consciousness could have split apart and allowed him to interact with different versions of himself across all different timelines.

Reginald does have quite a bit of knowledge on time travel which is apparent when he warns Five about jumping into the future.

It is a rather interesting theory, however, the author revealed that they have not read the Gerard Way-written comics that The Umbrella Academy is based on. Comments were quick to say that this theory is not possible due to details revealed in the comics that they show has not released yet. It is a fun theory nonetheless and maybe The Umbrella Academy will do something different.

More The Umbrella Academy

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the second season of The Umbrella Academy and it looks like we’re getting closer now as filming wrapped up in November.

A number of cast members shared photos marking the end of filming. They also gave their thanks to their fellow cast and crew.

The new addition to the show Ritu Arya posted a pic on her Instagram. She's grateful for the opportunity she’s received being on the show.

Now, showrunner Steve Blackman, as well as actors Justin Min (Ben Hargreeves) and Tom Hopper (Luther Hargreeves), have all shared heartwarming posts about the final day of filming for the new season.

What do you think of this fan theory? Tell us how excited you are for The Umbrella Academy season two in the comments below!

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