It’s been almost two weeks since the second season of The Umbrella Academy made its debut on Netflix. Viewers have had the chance to binge-watch the show to their heart’s content and may have realized that the Hargreeves family we knew in season 1 has changed a lot during their adventures in season 2.

Do you identify with any of the Hargreeves children, or are you more like one of the other characters, such as their father Reginald Hargreeves, Lila or The Handler? Take the quiz below to find out which Umbrella Academy character you’re most like.

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More on The Umbrella Academy

Prior to the release of The Umbrella Academy season 2, showrunner Steve Blackman promised there are a ton of Easter eggs hidden in the new episodes.

“There are tons,” he says. “We specifically wanted to sit down and say, ‘Here are the Easter eggs we want to put in. Let’s make a list of them.’ They’re everywhere. I think the fans will get a real kick once you start realizing what we’ve put in.”

The show later revealed that there are 43 sparrows hidden throughout the second season. 

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Both the number 43 and sparrow symbol are greatly significant in The Umbrella Academy universe. To start, 43 is the exact number of “extraordinary” babies born Oct. 1, 1989. As we know, seven of those children were adopted by Reginald Hargreeves and became The Umbrella Academy.

This next part is a spoiler for those who haven’t finished season 2.

In season 2, an eighth “extraordinary” baby named Lila is introduced. This leads to the sparrow imagery found in the Easter eggs. In the last moments of season 2, The Umbrella Academy arrives back in the “present time” but soon learn things aren’t quite what they seem. Instead of Hargreeves starting The Umbrella Academy, he created The Sparrow Academy. The latter academy features all-new members from the original 43 children born Oct. 1, 1989.

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The Sparrow Academy is part of the original comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. However, they don’t appear until the end of the third volume. Blackman recently explained why they decided to include The Sparrow Academy in the show early.

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