Netflix has released The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer. The new episodes drop June 22.

The trailer begins with the original team meeting their counterparts. Then, Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) explains that the team's actions in season 2 created a time paradox and a "Kugelblitz." “Essentially, we’re screwed," Number 5 laments.

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Viktor Hargreeves (Elliot Page) says the paradox is "swallowing things" or wiping them from existence. What makes matters worse is The Umbrella Academy only has a few days to stop the end of the world, but that's nothing new.

The trailer also gives fans their first look at The Sparrow Academy in action. Fei Hargreeves (Britne Oldford) sends birds after the team as they escape through the halls of their alternate reality home, and Luther (Tom Hopper) and Marcus (Justin Cornwell) trade blows.

Be sure to check out the season 3 trailer below.