This is Flashback, where we’re reminiscing about some of the most iconic and obscure moments in alt-rock history. This week, we’re homing in on the Used's heart-wrenching cover of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington was a singular frontman, and his passing in 2017 echoed across the world. Over the years, plenty of artists have paid tribute to him, including the Used.

Toward the end of their set at Back to the Beach in 2019, the Used honored the late vocalist with a cover of their Minutes To Midnight cut “Shadow of the Day.” The most transcendent part of the performance? As the Used kicked into the chorus, it started to pour, and according to many comments on YouTube, it only did so for that song.

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For years, frontman Bert McCracken has been vocal about depression’s debilitating grip. While promoting The Canyon in 2017 — an album centered on life and loss — he told Forbes that with the passing of Bennington, as well as others close to him, he discovered other ways to cope than he had in the past. The healthiest way for him to process death was to “speak about it all the time.”

“Chester was there for me at a time where I was deadly suicidal, and he saved my life in 2004. The fact that nobody was able to be there for him in those moments is something we all should think about,” McCracken said.

While the Used haven’t played the song live in years, the 2019 performance truly feels magical — and a proper tribute to the legendary vocalist.

Watch the fan-shot video below.