The Walking Dead is getting towards the end of its tenth season but with the coronavirus pandemic people are revisiting its earliest season to see some of the parallels to the real world.

Notably, users of the show's subreddit are pointing out the issue of toilet paper hoarding that comes to light in the very first episode.

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People have been panic buying toilet paper for the past while with supermarkets needing to enforce limits on how many packs people can buy.

CNN notes that many people are hearing conflicting messages from officials and overpreparing gives some a sense of control.

Now, people are reflecting back on the debut of The Walking Dead and its relation to the toilet paper fiasco. The show's main character Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to the zombie apocalypse and meets Morgan Jones and his son who are holing up in his neighbours home. Fans are picking up on Jones' toilet paper hoarding in the corner of the living room they're staying in.

People have also been showing similarities between the empty highway shot famously used in the show's promotions. It depicts Grimes riding a horse into an abandoned Atlanta with one side of the highway completely clear of vehicles.

Further, with people self-isolating a lot of cities are seeing a similar-looking picture in real life.

One Twitter userLori Kristen
People in other cities have also created similar looking shots with the way streets are completely empty right now.

A Reddit user in Toronto shared a spectacular photo of Yonge Street looking eerily like the famous highway shot.

Yonge Street looking very The Walking Dead from r/toronto

While The Walking Dead has fell off in popularity considerably over the past few seasons, fans who are sticking around are enjoying some of the best episodes the show has made in years. New episodes are still airing Sunday nights at 9 PM ET over on AMC.

What do you think of the weird similarities between The Walking Dead and what's happening right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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