Any music fan longs for the “lost tracks” of an album. We all hope and pray in our hearts that someday we’ll hear the “outtakes” to our favorite LPs. Well, 5SOS did that. Like, they just did that. Recently, the band released a Spotify playlist that contains all their B-Sides and rarities, so in honor of the four Aussies being back in the studio (cough, where’s that third album at, though…), we've compiled 10 of 5 Seconds Of Summer's best B-Sides.

“Lost In Reality”

“My strung-out heart needs your angel eyes/They tear me apart and I'm hypnotized/Let's pick up the pieces of whatever's left of me/They're yours to keep,” belts Hemmings on this She’s Kinda Hot EP track. Even though the composition of the track is light and pop-friendly, the lyrics offer a more dark and abrasive tale of heartache, making it the perfect contradiction.

“English Love Affair”

You know how in America, on the self-titled album, we have “Mrs All American”? Well, on all the other albums across the globe (besides Australia) there exists “English Love Affair,” which is basically MAA’s risque older sibling. Full of tantalizing lyrics of a “king sized bed” and “drinking all the way to third base,” ELA showed the world that the guys in 5 Seconds Of Summer were growing up and getting frisky.


When 5SOS released their long-awaited She Looks So Perfect EP back in 2014, “Disconnected” became a unanimous fan-favorite. Co-penned with scene darling Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, “Disconnected” showed another side of the band. Drawing inspiration from more indie-leaning bands like the 1975, this was a change from their standard pop-punk vibe.

“Lost Boy”

Making its debut during the spring of 2013, “Lost Boy” is one of the earliest and original 5SOS B-Sides. The track was never officially released here in the U.S. despite its widespread popularity amongst fans. The song is a classic pop-punk track featuring fun riffs and hi-hats paired with teen lovesick lyrics, making it a formulaic masterpiece.

“If You Don't Know”

From the beginning with Luke Hemmings’ deep vocals layered with simple guitar and drums, to Calum Hood’s soliloquy verse and the incredibly emo repetition of “Go ahead rip my heart out/if you think that's what love's all about,” “If You Don’t Know” is an underexposed track that deserves more attention.

Wrapped Around Your Finger”

Are you ever listening to 5SOS and you’re like, “This just isn’t emo enough”? Turn to “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” one of their earliest songs. Simple lyrics paired with emotive delivery—it’s fine, just scream the words through your tears for this one.


Another tune from their early days, “Greenlight” first appeared as a bonus track on their self-titled effort. Blast this song for those late-night drives with your significant other and enjoy earworm lyrics and a  twinkling guitar solo.

“Over And Out”

Thus far, you’ve heard the guys get emo and get happy—now listen to them get mad. A cut from from the She’s Kinda Hot EP, it’s heavy, it’s fast and it really shows how much the band has matured since their start in 2011.


Reminiscent of scene soundtracks “The Anthem” or “Fat Lip,” this angst anthem is all about being misunderstood—and not giving a fuuuuuuck. Now seen as an overture to the “New Broken Scene” moniker, 5SOS have never shied away from talking about rejection.  

“Story Of Another Us”

You have Marianas Trench vocalist Josh Ramsay to thank for this theatrical and alluring track. Lines like, “Memories are pay-per-view/It costs too much to think of you” and “I got a long-term plan with short-term fixes/And a wasted heart that just eclipses,” drift effortlessly through the track, creating a delicate and heart-wrenching song.